04/14/15 - JBI Sent out.  Remember guys, please register by the deadline date of
        Saturday, May 9th.  We have a new caterer that vows that we will not run out of food
        nor will it be handed out one piece of meat at a time.  I sent out an email to try and
        get an idea what to have on the menu and only around 60 guys got back so I took
        their votes into consideration when choosing the menu.  We have a real man's meal
        planned in St. Louis BBQ Ribs, Grilled Chicken, Pulled Pork w/ bun, Tossed Salad,
        Red Skin Potatoes, Mac-n-Cheese, and yeast rolls.  I'm hungry already.

04/19/15 - Reactivated the website today - photos added from last year to remind you of what
        you probably forgot and to rub it in to the guys who didn't make it.  All the photos
        have been added, including new "Dumb Looks".  On-line registration is ready to go.
        If you have any suggestions or something you'd like me to add let me know.

05/13/15 - Registration closed last Saturday but still need 3 more to fill a foursome.  If you
        know of anyone, let me know ASAP.  If it is soon enough I still may be able to get them
        a golf shirt.  If not, they can take $33 off of the registration cost.  Let me know as soon
        as you can though because it will be first come first serve.

05/20/15 - If you are coming in on Friday to golf, PLEASE contact Mr. Tom "Fancy Pants"
       Shaffer to let him know so he can make your arrangements.  
       Mobile = (810) 338-8411   Email =

05/21/15 - I will remind you of this with an email just before the outing but:
        - Try to eat at Up and Under on Friday night.  Will be a beer & shot special in our
           honor.  Not sure what yet.

        - There will be a Bloody Mary stand again Saturday before the outing

        - Tiki Bar in middle of course with access from many holes worked great last year so we
           will repeat this year

        - You CANNOT change your drink order at the course so when I post them on the
          website, verify it is correct.  

        - You CAN bring your own EMPTY cooler if you'd like.  The plastic bags just weren't

05/31/15 - Website updated with all registration information.