04/27/13 - Invitations have been out for a couple weeks now and registrations are arriving
every day.  You guys are doing MUCH better, thank you!  I will be chipping away at updating
this website and adding many more photos from days gone by.  Back when Bruce Mischley
had hair and Dean Peppel was thin.   Ahhh, at least when Bruce had hair.  Check for updates
when ever you think of it.

04/27/13 - Registration is closed but I need two more golfers to fill out foursomes.  If you know
of someone who can't golf but wants to we're the only game in town.  They won't be able to
golf together but I'm sure they'll enjoy themselves regardless.  Shoot me an email if you know
of someone.

I need help remembering last years winners of the Tee Count, 7 and 7 hole, and Hacker's
Delight hole.  

I will begin putting photos of last years outing up today but won't post until all have been
entered.  Keep an eye out for them.

05/17/13 - I finally got all the pictures from last year up and am not even sure they uploaded
correctly but at least this is a start.  The Dumb Looks pages have also been updated.  Year in
and year out you guys never cease to amaze me with what you provide.  More photos will be
added.  All of the foursomes, roommates, etc. will also be loaded in the next week or so.

05/20/13 - Updated the "Registration Info" page.

05/30/13 - We're just over a week out now so I wanted to pass on a few notes.  This
information can also be found on the website under "JBI News".

1) One of our hacks had an accident and is unable to make the tourney.  Therefore, I have
ONE two-night entry available that is already paid for.  If you know of someone who'd like to
play and needs a room for 2 nights let me know ASAP.  First come first serve..........

2) If you are golfing in the Will.i am & Tommy Extravaganza on Friday at 12:00 be sure to
contact Mr. Shaffer and let him know.  There are 24 shitty golfers showing up at this time,
so let him know if he needs to get more tee times.

3) Last year's photos as well as photos from the 21st JBI have been posted.  I am going to be
adding more from earlier years over the weekend.

4) As far as the bar on Friday night.  As you know, we're going to a new bar called "Ruggers
Up & Under".  I know that there are a few groups that like to go out and do their own thing
until late at night and then they come to the "group" bar.  I'm asking that you ALL please
come to the group bar on Friday night instead of fragmenting to different bars.  Many of us
only see each other this one time a year and this affords us all more time to renew
friendships and make new ones.  On Saturday night, after the outing, if you want to break
out among yourselves, that is the time to do it.  There are some of you who like to visit the
various adult establishments in town.  If that is the case, I ask that you please wait until
Saturday for that as well.  As an incentive, I have passes that will get you in free which I will
be happy to pass out on Saturday.

5) I have lined up a taxi service that will only charge $10 for up to 3 guys and then it is $3 per
person after that.  Based on what I see you guys put on your scorecards, I'll help you with
the math.  that's roughly $3 a head for a nice safe drive back to the hotel.  On Saturday, you
can either take a taxi back or get a ride from one of the other hacks.  There is a taxi stand
behind the bar and I will be handing out cards with the number of The Bronco Express
Shuttle.  You just need to call ahead and they have large vans just dying to take some
drunks back to their hotel.  It's just not worth the ticket or someone getting killed guys.

06/01/13 - Finished putting all the photos I have out on the website.  Mine only go back to
1991 or the 8th JBI.  As you can see the photo quality isn't quite as good the further you go
back because that was before the dawn of digital cameras.  If anyone has any that I don't
have, feel free to send them and I'll add them.  Frankly, I'm surprised I have some from the
8th JBI because in those days, we didn't really take any photos.  So, if you have some time go
back year by year and watch Bruce Mischley grow hair, Terry Anderson successfully go on a
diet, and ALL of us get better looking.