04/07/14 - Abbreviated JBI invitation sent out.

04/16/14 - Official JBI invitation sent out.

04/19/14 - Website updated and ready for onslaught of JBI hacks to register.

04/20/14 - Website photos added to Photos page for 2013 and the Dumb Looks updated as
well.  After looking at these photos one can only wonder what other people think of us when
the see this crew.  I envision mothers and fathers hurrying their kids into their cars and
driving away as quickly as they can.  The last thing they want to hear little Bobby asking is why
that man wearing the girls shirt is playing grab ass with the other man wearing the hat that
says "Heywood Jablome".

Time is short gentlemen.  Only 10 days until the registration deadline.  Please take care of
this as soon as you can.  It makes my life much easier and I won't have as much grey hair.

04/28/14 - After mail call today, only 2 more days to get in your registration.  If you have
something hanging and can't quite commit let me know and I can make case by case
allowances.  The rest of you lazy bums better get moving!!!  No real news other than that to
report.  After the 30th things will start rolling though.  I do have more photos to add that I
forgot to a couple weeks ago.  Will do that in the next week or so.

04/30/14 - Final Call for Registration!!  If you still have a reason that you're on the fence about
and haven't let me know, now is the time to do it.  I already know of a few guys who can't quite
commit yet and they have contacted me.  If I know about it, it's easier for me to slide you in if
your schedule clears.

05/03/14 - Registration has been closed except for the couple of you that I have been working
with.  All rooms have been released back to the hotel and from what I understand are already
gone.  I did keep one just in case something arises and that one will be first come, first
serve.  I have to release that one in about 10 days though.  Don't wait this out and think you
can get your own room somewhere down the road.  I've had a couple of guys look for
availability on they're own and they've found that the hotel is full and no rooms are available.  
Sports Illustrated is shooting their 2015 swimsuit edition there so the girls have taken all the
extra rooms.  Bruce Mischley found an error in my calculation for the 2-man room for one
night.  I have no idea where that number came from but it has since been corrected.  Other
than that, things are falling into place just fine.  I saw my clubs over in a corner of my garage
the other day.  That's as close as I'll probably get to them until May 30.

05/18/14 - Less than 2 weeks before Margaritaville.  Are you prepared?

     1) DOUBLE CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION - Go to, click on the
      "Registration Information" page and click on each link you see to make sure I have
     all of your registration information correct.  You'll see "Who's Coming", "Rooming List",
     "Drink Order", and "Foursomes".  It's all final after Monday night so this is the last
     chance you have to make any changes.  I'm prepaying the course for beverages so you
     WILL NOT be able to change your drink order at the course.

     2) ONE OPENING - You will notice that there is a single opening left to fill out a
      foursome.  If you know of someone who would like to play OR if your personal
     status has changed so that you can now make it this year let me know ASAP!!

     3) FRIDAY GOLF - Mr. Tom "Fancy Pants" Shaffer and Kahl have set
     up tee times for those of you who can make it in early on Friday to golf.  We         
     start at noon so that should give you plenty of time to drive in if you live
     close enough.  You will need to let Tom or Will know you are coming so they
     know how many tee times they need  to hold.  Please do this right away to
     make it easier for them.  If you just show up on Friday there may not be
     room for you. or

05/21/14 - One week and change out.  This may be my last webpage update since I am leaving
for Ft. Lauderdale this coming Friday.  See some of you Thursday night and the rest of you on
Friday night.  Haven't checked the weather yet but Tom Shaffer has been boning up on the
Farmer's Almanac and says that weekend is a good one to plant beans.  If you need to contact
me email me at